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Contract Opportunities

List of council contracts and their expiry dates. Please select a contract name to open a tender request form.
Contract NoContract TitleRestrictedContactExpiry Date
C001Heating OilNoRichard Walden31/08/2016
C002Unleaded and Lead Replacement PetrolYesRichard Walden31/08/2016
C003Ultra Low Sulphur DieselYesRichard Walden31/08/2016
C004Cleaning Materials & Washroom Paper ProductsNoRichard Walden31/03/2017
C006Back Up External Print ServiceYesJoanne Healey31/03/2017
C008Confidential Document DestructionNoJoanne Healey31/07/2015
C009Electrical & Related ProductsNoRichard Walden31/05/2017
C010Office FurnitureNoJoanne Healey31/03/2018
C013Daily Internal Building Cleaning ServiceYesJoanne Healey31/03/2018
C016Kitchen Hygiene ProductsYesRichard Walden31/03/2017