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Council Procurement Contacts

Tenders for a variety of goods, services and works are issued from different Directorates within the Council.  Detailed below are Council Directorates that award contracts, and contacts within the Directorate which may be used as a guide to obtain further information.  To access an information request form please click on the contact persons name. 

Chief Executive Directorate 

Financial Services

Joanne Healey - Contracts Officer
Responsible for corporate procurement activities within the Directorate.
01384 814892


Place Directorate

Culture & Leisure

Andy Webb - Head of Sport & Physical Activity
Responsible for services, utilities, commissions, building management, relevant sports and recreation facilities and sports centres.
01384 815579 

Sally Newell - Himley Estates Manager
Responsible for services relevant to Himley Hall and Park management, events, and the Borough Festival.
01384 817823 

Economic Regeneration & Transportation

Liz Dickinson - Landscape & Urban Design Group
Responsible for landscape improvements in the borough and for standing  of landscape consultants and contractors.
01384 817010

Environmental Management

Graham Hodgson Group Engineer (Highways)
Responsible for the design of highways and highway structures, the preparation of highway contracts and appointment of contractors.
01384 814473

Housing, Assets and Development

Ronny Tigere - Procurement Manager

01384 812683

Lucy Robinson - Procurement Officer

Responsible for Housing New Build, Refurbishment and Maintenance contracts.

01384 817031

Alison Blackford - Procurement Officer

Responsible for Waste Recycling and Disposal, Highways and contracts

01384 814828

Pam Bonnick - Procurement Assistant 

Responsible for Constructionline and Corporate Landlord contracts

01384 814002

People Directorate

Catering & Client Services

Penny Rushen - General Manager
Responsible for catering and contract cleaning within the authority.
01384 814320 

Julia Nicholls - District Catering Manager
Responsible for ordering food, drinks, and kitchen cleaning products.
01384 818065 


Julie Cox - Commissioning Officer
Responsible for learning and disabilities.
01384 813374

Steve Moore - Commissioning Officer
Responsible for care homes.
01384 815198

Bridget Brickley - Commissioning Officer
Responsible for supporting people.
01384 816162

Tracey Betteridge - Commissioning Officer
Responsible for domiciliary care.
01384 813659

Sue Reynolds - Commissioning Officer
Responsible for physical disabilities and sensory impairment
01384 814700

Gurbi Cox - Commissioning Office
Responsible for mental health
01384 812653