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Criteria for applicants

Criteria for applicants for private hire and hackney carriage driver’s licences

  • The Council can only grant a licence if they are satisfied that the applicant is a fit and proper person to hold a private hire or hackney carriage driver’s licence.


The applicant must

  1. Submit a completed application form along with two passport photographs, and a form of photo ID.

  2. The applicant should have held for at least two years a full UK licence authorising them to drive a motor vehicle.

  3. Produce a satisfactory DBS certificate.

  4. Produce a satisfactory medical certificate. 

  5. Pass a local knowledge/driving assessment.

  6. In addition to the above all none-UK citizens will be required to provide a certificate of    good  conduct (DBS equivalent) issued by an agency from the Country of their citizenship, and will also be required to produce evidence to confirm that they are eligible to work in the UK. 


  • Applicants should be aware that the Council do make checks with the Police, other Government Departments and other Local Authorities as part of the normal application process.


  • All applicants for a private hire and hackney carriage driver’s licence will be required to declare any Conviction(s) that have been recorded against them including any spent convictions.


  • The disclosure of a criminal record or other information does not automatically exclude an applicant from the grant of a licence unless it is considered that the conviction(s) renders the applicant “not a fit and proper person” to hold a licence.  In making a decision the Council will consider the nature of the offence, and the impact the offence or information disclosed might have on public safety.


Personal Data

The information you provide to the Licensing department is processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Further information can be found here.

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