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2001 Census & Deprivation Statistics

If you want information about the latest census please visit the 2011 Census pages.

The Council has produced a set of publications providing a range of population, household and socio-economic information about Dudley Borough.  The publications are designed to inform decision making for service providers (such as the Council and other agencies) and to provide a useful source of reference for those who live in, work in or are interested in the Borough.

The census publications provide information collected during the 2001 Census covering the topics of: population, culture, housing, work & economy and health & lifestyles. Each booklet covers an area of interest, as follows:

  • Publication 1: Dudley Borough Statistics

  • Publication 2: Dudley Borough Ward Statistics

  • Publication 3: Dudley Borough Ethnicity statistics

Publication 2 provides Census 2001 information for the Wards in Dudley Borough as they exist today, following a Ward boundary review in June 2004. The Ward boundaries were changed in June 2004 to ensure each Ward represented a similar number of electors.  This process is necessary every so often to adjust for population change.   

A previous publication, detailing census information for the Wards in Dudley as they existed before June 2004, is available by contacting the Corporate Policy and Research Team. 

The Indices of Deprivation 2010 publication provides information on the Index of Multiple Deprivation and other Deprivation measures relating to income, employment, health & disability, education & skills, housing & services, crime and the living environment.  A publication on the previous Indices from 2007 is also available below.

If you would like further information about these publications or any other facts and figures about Dudley Borough, please contact the Corporate Policy and Research Team on 01384 811561 or email SRI.Cexecs@dudley.gov.uk.