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Council democracy

Do you want to know more about local democracy and how the council works? Do you want to have a greater say in what goes on?

This part of our site has the answers.

Council decision making

In Dudley Council's consultation is a permanent and valued part of the organisation's approach to involve service users and to find out what the general public want from their local services.

Value for money 

Dudley Council has launched its value for money site to help local and national organisations improve the way they operate.

:: visit the value for money site


Right of access, transparency and publication scheme

Individuals have the right of access to personal information about themselves under the Data Protection Act 1998.

more on the rights of access

Transparency delivered

All spending over £500 by the Council  and Senior Management Salary details are available to view in either CSV (Comma Separated Value), and PDF (Portable Document Format) files to view and download.

Publication scheme

A publication scheme is a guide to the information Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council routinely publishes or intends to publish routinely. It is intended that, by outlining the types of information the Council holds, the scheme will assist the public’s understanding of what the Council does and the services it provides. This document will also assist the public in formulating requests for information. It also underpins the Council’s commitment to pro-active disclosure of information.

Customer feedback

The Council tries to provide high quality services to the people of the Dudley Borough. There are times when things are done really well, but there may be times when things go wrong and you are left unhappy or dissatisfied with the service provided. In both cases, we want to hear from you and this helps you do this.

:: more on the customer feedback procedure