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DGfL - What Does it Deliver?

Current scope of managed ICT service for schools

Working through our current private sector partner RM Education the DGfL provides teachers and learners in 108 Dudley schools and other settings with a very broad range of services designed to maximise the effectiveness of ICT in education.

In addition to a wealth of technical support there is a major focus on training, practical application and the sharing of best practice to ensure that Dudley teachers and pupils can make the most of the high quality resources available to them.

A full list of every aspect of the DGfL provision would be very lengthy but the following is intended to convey an idea of the principle elements of the core service provision.


WAN Infrastructure, Data Centres and Backhaul
  • 10 Mbps WAN link to data centre for Primary schools

  • 30 Mbps WAN link to data centre for Secondary schools

  • DNS Namespace Management

  • SmartCache Server

  • WAN Security Configuration

  • Web Site Hosting


LAN Infrastructure
  • Active LAN Infrastructure, Configuration, Support and Maintenance

  • Access to ICT Services Network

  • Passive LAN Infrastructure, Support and Maintenance

  • Streaming Video and Audio Hosting

  • LAN Security Configuration

  • Managed Wireless LAN Infrastructure

  • CC4 Anywhere (Citrix), Thin Client/remote access to school server


  • SafetyNet Universal

  • Filtering internet

  • Filtered Email

  • Group management and monitoring (Tutor 4)


Network Management
  • Network Management Support

  • Managed Server Hardware

  • Server Software Maintenance

  • Application Installation and Support on Servers

  • Server Operating System Maintenance

  • Workstation Operating System Maintenance

  • Monitoring Infrastructure Equipment Availability

  • Networked Printer Configuration and Support

  • Change, Configuration and Release Management

  • Server Backup and Recovery

  • Application Installation and Support on Workstations

  • Managed Workstation Hardware

  • Troubleshooting and Break/Fix Technical Support

  • Virus Protection

  • Asset Management

  • Central User Data Backup and Recovery

  • Server and Workstation Security Configuration

  • User Identity Management

  • Managed Peripherals


Applications and Associated Hardware
  • Core Curriculum Software Bundle

  • Microsoft Office 2007

  • Managed Video Editing Solutions

  • Managed Music Technology Solutions

  • Managed Video Conferencing Solutions


MIS Support
  • Integris G2/S2 Application Maintenance

  • Integris G2/S Application Support

  • Data Transfer to Centris


Centrally Hosted Solutions
  • Kaleidos Portal Plus User and MIS Data Provisioning Management

  • Kaleidos Portal Plus Training and Consultancy and Support

  • E-Mail Accounts and Account Management

  • E-Mail Training and Support

  • Dudley People email Directory


Project Support
  • Curriculum Support and Embedding of ICT

  • Integration Project Technical Consultancy, Management and Implementation

  • Proactive Technical Account Management

  • Software and Hardware Training

  • DGfL specific on-line catalogue of additional items and services


Options at no additional cost
  • Enhanced E-Safety (SECURUS user activity monitoring)

  • Greater local control of managed workstations


Options at additional cost
  • Operation of a low cost leasing scheme for personal devices for individual learners

  • Additional fully managed hardware (PC’s, Laptops, Netbooks, etc.)

  • Connection of hosted hardware (PC’s, Laptops, Netbooks, etc.)

  • Support for Mobile Learning Devices (Netbooks)

  • Support for Linux Device configuration

  • Additional Whiteboards, Projectors etc.

  • Additional managed and unmanaged peripherals

  • Swap stock hardware

  • Groupcall SMS messaging

  • Access Control – CCTV– VOIP–TV over IP

  • Encryption Software (DESLock)