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It was easy to use your form, but I would like to suggest that you make an extra heading under "Details of complaint" as "O other" with a choice of adding your own "wording" because my complaint of today about the... 30 June 2016
I'd actually like to retract the complaint, they've just been and collected the rubbish, unusually late. I spoke with them and they were happy with the standard the bin was presented in and were extremely polite!! 30 June 2016
Very easy to use - perhaps slightly increase the font size?  27 June 2016
I tried to pay council tax but after inputting reference number, didn't know how much needed to pay (monthly breakdown) you can put it on paper and would be helpful online or am I not finding it. Please direct if so? 18 June 2016
It would be helpful if your print or save buttons on the final page were functional. 31 May 2016
Complaint forms could be made simpler. 25 May 2016
Impressive and simple to use thank you.  14 May 2016
I don't think there's any fault with this form.  10 May 2016
The website is confusing and it took too long to submit the complaint. 01 May 2016
I have found this compliment easy to submit and navigate through the various channels well done! 24 April 2016
More characters for complaint. Provide a save as and print button.  10 April 2016
Postcode recognition for customers address would be useful for people outside the Dudley area.  06 April 2016
It's good enough to get your point across.  23 March 2016
More words available, you cannot put all you want to say to support your complaint with the restriction of how many letters you can use.  21 March 2016
No reference, aim to reply within 20 days? Not good enough for the complaints. Any complaint needs to be acted on immediately so that the issue / problem can be resolved and stop it from happening again.  09 March 2016
The provision of a reference number! 05 March 2016
Look at collection route. We are opposite a road junction where the van turns. When the van returns to collect the other half of the street we are missed completely.  25 February 2016
Allow customers to attach more than one photo.  23 February 2016
The link to the feedback form is located in 'complaint stages' which is misleading if you wish to leave a compliment. Perhaps you do not expect many compliments.  02 February 2016
Yes, act on the complaints you receive instead of ignoring them! 29 January 2016