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Website Improvements

We have made the following improvements to our web services in response to your customer feedback
You SaidWe Said / We DidDate
The website is confusing and it took too long to submit the complaint.  01 May 2016
Cannot find what I'm looking for using the SearchWe have now introduced better searching facilities using Google Search04 April 2014
Your website fails to load on some BlackBerry devicesThis has been rectified now and the website displays without problems on BlackBerry devices08 November 2013
Could not supply international telephone number to response form.We updated with a new contact form.11 October 2013
Unable to find any information on football pitches.We have now included this information on our website.10 October 2013
You should have a homepage link for major campaigns, like roll out of new bins.Banner added on main resident page.05 August 2013