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Local Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy 2003

This strategy has been prepared by the Dudley Community Partnership. It represents a review and revision of the strategy published in 2002.

Over the last year new Government advice, ongoing consultation within the Partnership, and refinement of the objectives and targets as a result of further knowledge and experience, have combined to produce a strategy that reflects more realistically the approach to neighbourhood renewal in Dudley.

In addition actions and means of delivering targets are set out in more detail and tied in to the programmes of Partners and the Theme groups of the Dudley Community Partnership. It is these groups which have played a major part in preparing the strategy.

It is a document which sets priorities in tackling deprivation in the borough and establishes the framework for distributing the neighbourhood renewal fund. This in turn provides the basis for Partners to ensure the mainstreaming of policies, resources and service delivery to address the inequalities in jobs, education, health, community safety and the environment in the borough.

John Hodt - Neighbourhood Renewal Co-ordinator
Tel 01384-818066 Fax: 01384 -818209
Email: Local Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy

A summary of the strategy has been prepared and can be obtained from the contact below.

  • Local Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy 2003

  • Appendices 2003

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