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Local Information

If you require information about immunisations, the diseases they prevent or any side effects from vaccines we would recommend contacting your GP Practice. 

There are a range of immunisations that are provided by your local NHS Services either at your GP Practice or local health centre. The national programme is centred on the first few years of life, with the Childhood Immunisation Programme, and the Influenza and Pneumococcal programmes for those over 65 years. Other immunisations may be offered if you are in what is called a ‘risk group’ such as BCG (protection against Tuberculosis) or Hepatitis B vaccine.

Led by the Nurse Consultant in Communicable Disease, the Immunisation Team (based in the Office of Public Health) scrutinises the delivery of National Immunisation Programmes for the population of Dudley. The Team aims to offer advice, education and support to providers of immunisation to promote the provision of high quality adult and childhood immunisation programmes.

If you require further information on the NHS vaccination schedule please visit NHS Choices