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Weight Management Team Volunteers and Sessional Workers

What is a Weight Management Volunteer?

A Weight Management Volunteer supports the Weight Management Team to promote weight management within local communities across the Dudley Borough.

What do Weight Management volunteers do?

  • Volunteers can assist the Weight Management Team to deliver several of our child or adult programmes within the Dudley Borough. This may include the assistance of delivering healthy eating messages, helping participants create personal goals, assisting participants with the cookery aspects of certain programmes, supervising and/or participating in some physical activities.
  • Attend community events to inform local people about Weight Management's services and to provide information on how people can be referred into one of our programmes. This may involve setting up displays, giving out leaflets, performing Body Mass Index (BMI) health checks and talking to members of the public about what services Weight Management offers.
  • Volunteers who complete 50 hours of volunteer work, may wish to apply to become as a paid sessional worker for the Weight Management Team . Work as a Sessional Worker for the Weight Management Team is subject to the 50 mandatory volunteer hours being met, completion of the mandatory Session Workers training and successful completion of the Sessional Workers assessment).

What are the benefits of becoming a Weight Management Volunteer?

  • Improved knowledge on weight management issues.
  • The opportunity to work and interact with people from different age groups, backgrounds and communities.
  • Gain an insight into the work of the Office of Public Health and specifically the Weight Advice, Information and Support Team.
  • Gain new experiences and new skills. 
  • The chance to meet new people and make friends.
  • Increased job opportunities.
  • Boost your CV.
  • Giving something back to the community.

What training do I need to do?


  • Shadowing sessional workers on programmes and community events.
  • Child Protection training (mandatory for all volunteers who wish to work with children).

Sessional Worker

  • 50 hours of volunteer work will need to have been completed before Sessional Worker Training can be applied for. Training takes place over 3 full days and will incorporate topics such as group facilitation skills, a basic understanding about the principles and messages of healthy eating, a basic understanding of obesity and its causes, session planning and much more!
  • More information can be given about Sessional Work once the mandatory 50 hours of volunteer work has been completed.

Will I have to pay for the training?

Training is free, subject to the minimum volunteer hours being completed.

What type of volunteer is Weight Management looking for?

Volunteers should be interested, committed and non-judgmental to weight management issues. Volunteers will have a passion to help people of all ages and backgrounds to change their lifestyles for life!

How do I get more information about becoming a volunteer?

Contact the Weight Management Team directly.

All volunteers will be subject to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council's checks and procedures.

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