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Relaxation Skills

Welcome to the Road to Relaxation. We hope to take you on a journey where you will learn more about yourself, and how to control the effects of stress on your body. Many of us experience the effects of the stresses and tensions of every day life, which if allowed to build up, can cause exhaustion and lead to ill-health.

Learning to relax can help. Relaxation is a skill that needs to be learnt and like any other skill, will only improve with regular practise. If done on a daily basis, relaxation should help to control the effects of stress on your body and will help prevent a build up of tension. It takes some people longer that others to learn the technique, so don’t worry if at first you feel little or no benefit from trying this.

Don’t give up; regular practise is the key to success.

How to practice relaxation ­

This section introduces two types of relaxation. Firstly it teaches you a Tense and Release method. Secondly it teaches you how to Relax Your Mind and includes a technique for Calming Your Breathing. It is probably a good idea to start by listening to all of this first, so you know what to expect and you can try out the exercises. When you are ready just follow the instructions and remember it will take practise.

You may wish to start by trying out both the Tense and Release method and the Relaxing Your Mind method to find out which one suits you best, or you may feel both methods are helpful at different times.

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