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Useful Information

Seeking Help

Everybody needs help from time to time, you can ask for support whether it's from friends, family, doctor, a support group or helpline.

There are a variety of organisations that can help.  However, if you feel that you are unable to cope with your stress yourself, then seek professional help and go to see your practice nurse or doctor.  In order to help they will try to find out what is bothering you.

Self Help

There are many booklets, leaflets, CDs, website and sources of support that can help you in finding help for yourself.­

Friends and Family

Confide or speak to someone such as a friend or family member.


Seek support from a helpline or organisation that deals with problems such as housing, bereavement etc.

Support Groups

People with common experience of difficulties who get together to support each other through sharing.  Find out what groups are available in your area.

Web Based Self Help

These include self help materials that look at life skills or how to deal with anxiety/depression.

Professional Help

There are many people the doctor can refer you to such as:

Primary Care Mental Health Worker

Trained to deal with mainly mild problems such as anxiety or depression.

Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors

Specialists who provide talking therapies trained to help with difficulties through understanding and exploring ways of coping.


Doctors with additional training to understand mental health problems who can also prescribe medication.


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