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Pregnancy Testing

You can get a free pregnancy test at any of the local contraceptive clinics. Your GP will also do a pregnancy test for you, but you may have to wait a few days for a result in some practices. Check with your practice nurse to see if they do on-site test­ing.

You can buy pregnancy testing kits at pharmacies and supermarkets.

It is helpful to have a sample of your first urine of the day because the pregnancy hormone levels will be a little stronger and more likely to give a correct result.

If you cannot provide this sample, then please try not to go to the toilet for 3-4 hours and then provide a sample of this urine.

Positive Results:

  • You may have planned a pregnancy and be happy with a positive result; in which case you will be given a letter to take to your GP to discuss looking after yourself and baby during the pregnancy.
  • However, if a pregnancy was unplanned and you do not want to continue with the pregnancy then you will be given advice and any help necessary to arrange the abortion.

Negative Results:

  • You may have been planning a pregnancy and be disappointed with the result, advice will be given on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant and/or where to refer you on.
  • You may be pleased that you are not pregnant, however you were obviously worried that your method of contraception had failed. Help will be given so that you can either choose another method or advice provided on how to use your current method a little better.

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