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Commitment to children and young people


  • In Dudley we work to eliminate bullying and harassment in schools and children’s services

  • We will take bullying seriously

  • We will make sure children and young people who are bullied know how to get help and support

  • We will help children and young people who bully others to understand the consequences of their actions and change their behaviour

  • We will support parents of children involved in bullying

  • We will work together to help all children’s services to prevent bullying

  • We will regularly check on the effectiveness of our strategy

  • We will involve children and young people

  • We will make sure we keep services informed about bullying in all its forms and the best ways to deal with it

Our Vision


Our vision is to create environments where all children and young people are valued and feel safe from bullying behaviours.


In line with our Children and Young People’s plan – All services for children and young people will work to:


  • Protect children and young people from harm

  • Recognise commonalities and celebrate differences,

  • Respect all children and young people in our community

  • Celebrate diversity

  • Promote positive emotional health and well-being

  • Work together to support everyone involved in and affected by bullying


By the use of: Prevention, early intervention and support