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How Can Connexions Help Me?

Image of Teenage boy
The kind of things you can talk to a PA about are:


Education & learning:
help with choices from year 9 options, up to higher education

Employment and work-based learning advice:
help with moving into jobs and training

Confidential help:
someone to talk to who won't judge you

Drugs & alcohol:
information and support with problems

Emotional well-being:
coping with stress and worry

Financial and benefits advice:
info on finding financial support for learning, benefits and other financial issues

information on physical and mental health

practical help

Learning difficulties and disabilities:
extra help and guidance for those aged 13 - 25

Pregnancy and sexual health:
advice, information and practical support

help with any problems you may have with family, friends and partners

Volunteering opportunities:
opportunities to get involved with voluntary and community organisation