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Learning Support Service Training Courses                                                  

We are currently experiencing difficulties with our online booking and register of interest service, please email any requests to lssenquiries.dudley.gov.uk.         

Course NameClassificationDateTimeTarget AudienceCourse InformationBook/Register Interest
A Structured Approach to SpellingLiteracy  Primary Teachers and TA'sA practical course which looks at why...Apply Here
A Structured Approach: Reading...Literacy  KS1‐3 Teachers & TA'sIt is a SATs reading comprehension...Apply Here
Access Arrangements for Exam...GCSE and GCE Access Arrangements  Exam SecretariesHow do Schools use the information from...Apply Here
Access Arrangements Guidance for...GCSE and GCE Access Arrangements  KS4 SENCOs, Invigilators and Exam...A short overview of principles and...Apply Here
Assessing Pupil Need for KS2 SATs...GCSE and GCE Access Arrangements  Yr6 Teachers and SencosConsideration of the different...Apply Here
Auditory & Visual Difficulties...Dyslexia  KS2‐4A detailed look at the technical...Apply Here
Boosting Reading @ Primary (BR@P)Literacy  Primary TAs + Teacher CoordinatorA 10 week intervention programme (3 x...Apply Here
Boosting Reading @ Secondary (BR@S)Literacy  Secondary TAs + Teacher CoordinatorA 10 week intervention programme (3 x...Apply Here
Dealing with Dyslexia in the Primary...Dyslexia  KS1‐2To develop awareness of Dyslexia and...Apply Here
Dealing with Dyslexia in the Secondary...Dyslexia  KS3‐4To develop awareness of Dyslexia and...Apply Here
Dyscalculia‐ Maths & SpLDNumeracy  KS1‐3 Teachers & TAsIdentification and assessment of...Apply Here
Dyslexia Friendly SchoolsDyslexia  Whole school based KS1‐4Whole school based training to increase...Apply Here
Enable 1:1Literacy  KS1 + KS2 Teacher and TAIntervention programme of 6-8 weeks (30...Apply Here
Fischer Family Trust Wave 3...Literacy  TA + Teacher Yr 1‐2 (Yr 3‐6 see course...An intervention programme of up to 22...Apply Here
Games to support the learning of HFW...Literacy  Primary Teachers and TAsThis course focuses on games and...Apply Here
How to be an Effective TADyslexia  KS1-4, Teachers and TAsExploring effective practice and useful...Apply Here
Inference trainingLiteracy  KS1-3, Teachers and TAs, Whole schoolThe aim is to improve reading...Apply Here
Introducing Running Records &...Literacy  KS1‐2 Teachers & TAsCarrying out running records and miscue...Apply Here
Multisensory TeachingDyslexia  KS1-4 Teachers and TAsWhat is multisensory teaching? How can...Apply Here
Phonics for Pupils with Literacy...Literacy  KS1‐2 Teachers & TAsStrategies and activities to support...Apply Here
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  • Short Course Programme 2017-2018 [pdf / 89KB] Training courses for individual members of staff across a variety of subjects, which are generally delivered at Saltwells EDC. These courses can also be delivered as Inset Training at your setting.