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Youth Voice

Giving young people a voice
Giving young people a voice

Dudley Youth Service works with young people to get their views across to people in power in a supported way. This involves providing development opportunities to enable young people to actively participate in policy and decision-making and service development.

The work we do involves a range of different initiatives from a local level to a national level and provides young people with a range of opportunities to develop their skills and understanding of democracy and decision making processes.

We support and promote where young people can make their views known about issues they feel are important as well as develop their confidence and skills.

Dudley Youth Council (DYC)

This youth council was set up in 1997 and is funded and supported by the Youth Service. DYC is a group of young people aged 11-18 (and up to 25 for those with a disability) who work to improve things for all young people in the borough.

DYC provides the Council and other organisations with the opportunity to work with young people on borough wide policies as well as offering the young people a forum to discuss issues which affect them and other young people.

Young people are elected onto this group across the borough on a yearly basis in February.

For more information visit them on Facebook or follow the group on Twitter


UK Youth Parliament (UKYP)

UKYP allows young people to work alongside MP's and Councillors. Dudley signed up to UKYP in 2000 and so far has been a great success.

Every other year a vote is held to elect 2 Members of Youth Parliament who then go on to represent all young people in Dudley at the West Midlands Youth Parliament. 

In 2017, over 6,400 young people voted from across the borough for their representatives.

If you  are interested in getting involved with DYC or UKYP please contact:

Siobhan Lloyd, Youth Participation Officer on 01384 818026/ 07773 960401 or siobhan.lloyd@dudley.gov.uk


 Children in Care Council - Make A Difference

The Children in Care Council in Dudley is called Make a Difference and supports young people in care to have a say on issues that matter to them.

The group members are all looked after children / young people aged 11-18 who meet every two weeks to discuss topics they feel are important, and to provide an opportunity to get their views heard by adult decision makers.

We do lots of different things which include:

  • Write and send newsletters, updates and questionnaires to young people

  • Represent young people’s views on issues that affect their lives

  • Organise events for young people in care so they can have their say

  • Designing a website for looked after young people

  • Work with other organisations to make sure looked after young people’s voices are heard

  • Have regular activities to celebrate our work

  • Attend events in the West Midlands and elsewhere in the country too

  • Have FUN!! 

 Children in Care Website


 Care Leavers Forum

The Care Leavers Forum is open to people aged 16+  who are leaving care in Dudley and provides them with the chance to have a say in the way services are provided. The project is committed to enabling care leavers to participate in decision making processes in order to inform and improve services for all care leavers.


If you are looked after or a care leaver and are interested in getting involved please contact:

  • Darren Foley (Participation Officer - Children Looked After / Care Leavers) 01384 815172 / 07827 836969 or Darren.foley@dudley.gov.uk