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Social media

social media

We use social media to talk and listen to lots of people - from sharing the latest news and information to listening to your views on consultations. Below is a list of the people and the channels you can use to let us know what you think.


Main council social media accounts

Twitter: @Dudleymbc
Twitter: @DudleyMayor
Facebook: Dudley borough
Flickr: Dudley Council
YouTube: Dudley Council
Instagram: Dudleymbc

More council services on Twitter

@Dudleyplanning, @MyDudleyTSO, @HousingTCGI, @letsgetdudley, @glass_museum, @discoverdudley, @mydudleyeho, @dudleyarchives, @dudleyacl, @dudleyplus@mirdudley, @dudleylibraries, @RedHouseCone, @DCIDDudley, @DudleyMuseum, @smokefreedudley, @SMPDudley1, @DudHealthSch, @slimdowndudley, @ASCDudley, @dudleymbc_cls, @BoroughHalls

Your councillors on Twitter

@DudleyMayor, @CllrKeiranCasey, @DudleyCllrJudy, @BillsHilary, @cllr_aston, @councillorles, @CllrPete, @dia2digits, @ShaukatAli, @BillUKIP, @cllrjohnmartin, @staranderton, @deanperks, @henleystatic@cllrzada, @jelco007, @nicolasbarlow, @NicolaFR_, @JeffHalesowen, @Simon1672, @Ads811, @MrNickGregory, @simonphippss, @CWPS9998, @Mirkasher31, @gayelouisa, @Cllrkaddy

More council services on Facebook

Black Country Geopark, Discover Dudley, Himley Hall and Park, Dudley Libraries, Dudley Register Office, Red House Glass Cone, Huntingtree Park Activity CentreNetherton Park Activity Centre, Lets talk drink, Self Management Programme Dudley, Dudley Stop Smoking, Healthy Dudley, Health ChampionsDudley Borough Halls


Red House Glass Cone: RHGC@Pintrest.com


My Dudley

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