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In the news

In the news


See below for what's in the news at Dudley Council.

Dudley Budget 2017

Residents across Dudley borough will continue to pay one of the lowest council tax rates in the country, despite a small proposed weekly increase equivalent to the price of a loaf of bread for most households.

Council bosses have put forward savings of £4million for 2018/19 but have also proposed significant investments in key services.

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Local Government Association's Peer Review

The full report from the Local Government Association’s Peer Review assessment has now been published.

The content has been welcomed by senior leaders at the council as it recognises progress being made in many areas across the council. It also highlights a number of recommendations for the authority to make further improvements.

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When travellers move onto land in Dudley borough

When travellers move on to land the council visits them within 24 hours to advise them they need to leave. If the travellers fail to move off the site, the council is legally obliged to apply for a possession warrant to the court.

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Corporate Estate Strategy

The corporate estate strategy reflects a coherent direction of travel for all of the council’s assets for the very first time. This ensures that we are making the most of every single one of our sites.

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Community Vision Strategy

Community leaders are urging residents and organisations to get involved in ‘forging’ a bright future for the Dudley borough.

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Mayoral and Civic news

Visit the Mayoral website for the latest on news and events and get updates from the Twitter site.

Traffic, road works and gritting

See our traffic information page for the latest updates and find out about road works in your area. Get information on gritting via our live gritting feed.

Media releases

See the latest and past media releases by visiting the following page:

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