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Black Country Festival 2015 


The second ever Black Country Festival will take place in July 2015 with organisers in the community and Dudley Council promising it will be even bigger and better than 2014.

Tens of thousands of people enjoyed the first ever Black Country Festival in Dudley borough last year after local residents and Dudley Council worked to put on entertainment to mark official Black Country Day on July 14.

Hundreds of events and activities were held across the area as people showed off the pride they have in the Black Country. The festival in Dudley borough featured a Black Country themed Stourbridge Carnival, a three day festival of comedy, culture and music at Red House Glass Cone an all day event on Stone Street Square in Dudley and a performance by the Fizzogs comedy group at Brierley Hill Civic Hall.

The 2015 festival promises to be even bigger and better with Dudley Council again supporting the community to put on a variety of entertainment across the borough. A packed programme of events, including many of the same as last year, will also feature a Black Country Beer Day, a Black Country 10km run and a variety of sports events scheduled on dates throughout July to celebrate Black Country Day which is on July 14.

People can find details of all events in the festival at www.black-country-festival.co.uk

Black Country Flag


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Merchandise, including the Black Country flag, t-shirts, mugs and much more are available at www.black-country-festival.co.uk with all proceeds going back into the running of the festival.