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Big Question budget consultation

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Hello everyone,

Council tax plays such an important part in raising money to fund your services - and here in Dudley you continue to pay one of the lowest rates in the country.

To put this into context, if the rates Dudley residents paid were the same as the average metropolitan council, there would be an additional £13million in the Dudley budget to spend on services.

Despite having this low council tax rate, we are working hard in difficult circumstances to make significant progress by investing in services you have asked us to, such as car parking and weed control as well as protecting front line services.

Increasing council tax this year will help continue this upward trend as every 1% we increase council tax by contributes around an extra £1million which we can put back into services for you.
With this in mind, we are looking to increase the basic council tax by 1.99% from April 2018. In addition, we are also looking to invest in helping an ever increasing older population in the borough by taking advantage of the freedom allowed by the government to raise a social care precept on top of this.

Each £1million raised through the precept equates to over 72,000 hours of care at home for older people or the annual costs of 43 residential placements for people with dementia.

In addition to the 1.99% increase, we want to hear how much you want to add through the adult social care precept (either 1% making a total of 2.99%, 2% making a total of 3.99% or the maximum permitted 3% making a total of 4.99%).

Rest assured, with any of these options, you will still pay less council tax than all of our Black Country neighbours.

Councillor Steve Clark, cabinet member for finance




Extra cost per week if increased by:
 Band  2.99%  3.99%  4.99%
 A  47p  62p 78p 
 B  54p 73p  91p 
 C  62p 83p  £1.04 
 D  70p 93p  £1.17 
 E  86p £1.14  £1.43 
 F  £1.01 £1.35  £1.69 
 G  £1.17 £1.56  £1.95 
 H  £1.40 £1.87  £2.34 


Click here to have your say on the budget consultation



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