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Elections Consultation

Proposed changes to local elections


We want to hear your views on proposals for the most radical shake up of the way elections are run at Dudley Council in years.

Currently, elections run every year with a year off every fourth year. Councillors are elected in thirds, where one of the three seats in each of the 24 wards is up for election each year.

New proposals have been put forward to hold one election every four years when all 72 seats will be contested.

All councillors will be elected at the same time.

Example of current and proposed systems

Example of current and proposed systems


Potential advantages of all out elections

  • Greater political stability and ability to take a longer term view of policy implementation and decision making

  • Financial savings of approximately £250,000 for each year an election is not held

  • More effective political management without the need for an annual election campaign

  • Improved corporate strategic planning over a four year period

  • Less confusion resulting from a combination of elections (i.e. locals with European Parliament etc.)

  • Potentially higher turn-outs

Potential advantages of continuing to elect by thirds

  • More opportunity for electors to vote and participate in local democracy

  • Greater consistency of councillors by reducing the potential for large-scale change at the same time

  • A potentially greater mix of new and experienced councillors

  • The make-up of the council is potentially more reflective of the changing view of the electorate

  • Continuing to employ a method more familiar to voters

  • Whole council elections may be more complex to administer

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