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West Midlands Combined Authority: what does it mean for you?

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We have created the West Midlands Combined Authority with the clear purpose of improving the prosperity of the region for its people and businesses. Government has recognised that we can work together effectively, which is why we have been able to negotiate a devolution agreement that brings an extra £36.5 million a year to the region over the next 30 years.  This means an £8 billion investment package is unlocked for West Midlands.

This demonstrates the value of working together for a better Dudley.

A condition of this first Devolution Agreement was an elected mayor, which we have been able to accept because of the significance of the Agreement to the region’s economy.

There is currently a consultation about a regional walking and cycling strategy. Tell us what you think.

What do you know about the Combined Authority and what it means and does not mean for you?

What it means…

  • WMCA can work together to promote transport, economic development and regeneration across the whole region.

  • Better planning of those things that could be more effectively delivered across authority boundaries – like tourism, skills development and business support.

  • All leaders involved in decision making at a Combined Authority level.

  • Securing long-term funding and investment to help boost economic growth and employment opportunities.

  • Our local identity will be maintained and strengthened.

  • The Council will remain the key element in local democracy with current governance / political structures remaining in place.

What it doesn’t mean…

  • It is not one new single 'super authority' delivering day to day services.

  • It won’t replace existing councils.

  • One local council won’t absorb the others and set the agenda.

  • Councillors in each authority will still be accountable to the people who elected them.

  • Local powers will not be transferred to Combined Authority level.

  • Our local identity will not be absorbed or diminished.

Consultation links

You can take part in the regional walking and cycling strategy consultation here.


More information about WMCA at https://westmidlandscombinedauthority.org.uk/