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3 - Innovative new service to stop people falling


A new falls prevention service has been launched to help Dudley borough residents avoid falls, as well as to recover swiftly to independent living if they do take a fall. 

Dudley Falls Prevention is a partnership made up of Dudley Council’s adult social care and public health teams, Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust. The organisations have joined together to offer an innovative falls one stop shop.

The partners will be working closely together to help people avoid falls, maintain their strength, balance and mobility, as well as helping anyone who has fallen to quickly regain their confidence and independence and avoid any future falls. 

Dudley Falls Prevention is for anyone aged over eighteen, who lives in Dudley borough, or is registered with a Dudley borough GP and is worried about their stability or falling. It might be that someone is worried about their balance and wants to avoid falling, or that they have already fallen and are struggling to regain their independence. A whole range of advice, support and practical help is on offer from the integrated service. 

One single contact point takes all referrals. People are welcome to self refer themselves; referrals will also come from GPs, nurses and hospital staff. A range of support will be offered from the services working together and they will be tailored to the person’s own needs.  

Support on offer includes specialist strength and balance exercise programmes, home adaptations, gadgets and home safety,

a community falls service, support from community falls nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and specialist pharmacist, along with more clinical support from a consultant led falls clinic. 

Tony Oakman, strategic director for people, Dudley Council said:

“Falls represent the most frequent and serious type of accident in people aged over 65. They are the main cause of disability and leading cause of death from injury for the over 75s. Falls destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence. Younger people’s lives can also be hugely affected by falling, which can be the result of a number of factors. 

“Falls are not an inevitable part of the aging process though and evidence shows that keeping fit and well, as well as specialist strength and balance exercise programmes can have a real impact on reducing the incidence of falls. 

“Dudley Falls Prevention offers people a completely joined up service where all of the services that can help people to avoid falling or recover from a fall, come together to offer a holistic, personalised programme of support. Our aim is to ensure that people become more aware of the importance of keeping fit and strong to avoid falling, as well as ensuring that if they do fall all of the support is in place to ensure a swift and complete recovery.” 

Dudley Falls Prevention can be contacted by calling 01384 814459.

  For further information please contact:  Julie Warrilow, Julie.warrilow@dudley.gov.uk, 01384 815237


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