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22 - Composting revolution has arrived

Borough residents can be ultra efficient with their composting if they take up the opportunity to buy a Green Johanna at a specially discounted price.

The innovative Green Johanna ‘Hot Composters’ are normally £119, but Dudley Council has 110 units available for borough residents to buy at the hugely discounted rate of £54, including delivery.

This pioneering system looks like a normal compost bin but has much more functionality, including the opportunity to reuse both food and garden waste, turning it into compost in six months.  It uses a patented aeration system and thicker wall sections to ensure temperatures remain consistently high and is designed to protect against vermin.

Councillor Hilary Bills, cabinet member for environment, said:

“This is a great opportunity for borough residents to be able to buy this incredible composter for less than half of the recommended retail price in time for spring. 

“This system allows the user to converting all food waste, regardless of whether it is cooked or not, plus garden waste into high quality compost in as little as six months.  It makes sense as it reduces household waste and saves money for all the gardeners out there.”

To find out more about the opportunity to purchase the system for the discounted price of £54 go to www.recyclefordudley.org.uk/food-waste.html





  • The 110 discounted units are available on a first come first served basis

  • This is a partnership deal with Great Green Systems


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