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Domestic abuse isn’t always obvious…

Domestic abuse isn't always obvious
Domestic abuse isn't always obvious

Valentine’s Day should be about hearts and flowers not abuse, coercion or control that’s the message from Dudley’s community safety partnership, safe & sound.

With the romantic occasion upon us, the partnership want people to recognise the signs of domestic abuse in different types of relationships and realise it can happen to anyone.

Many people think domestic abuse is when a husband abuses their wife but the fact is it’s not always that obvious.

Sometimes the abuse is committed by a partner but it can also be by a relative.

Older people and individuals with disabilities can often be vulnerable as can young people who may not recognise the warning signs of an abusive relationship.

Abuse can happen whether you’re young, old, male, female, gay or straight and it’s important that people can spot the signs.

The partnership’s website has lots of useful information about how and where to access help and support. There’s also video clips showing victims, played by actors, talking about their experiences to help show abuse in different forms.

To find out more, visit www.dudleysafeandsound.org

Domestic abuse is a crime and can be reported by calling Dudley’s Domestic Abuse Partnership on 01384 455411 or in an emergency, dial 999.

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