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Children in Care Council create a pledge for local children in care

Children in Care Pledge launch
Children in Care Pledge launch

A pledge of clear, concise promises is being distributed to ensure every child knows what to expect of their time in care.

After speaking directly with children in care, the Children in Care council has created the pledge to remind everyone of the promises we have made and assure all children of what they can expect while they are in care. 

It will be going to every child who is looked after, along with every carer and foster carer, and all the staff of Children in Care and Placement Resources Services.

Councillor Ian Cooper, cabinet member for children’s services, said:

“This is a fantastic item designed by the Children in Care council, with the objective to ensure everyone who is involved in children in care is clear about our expectations while a child is being looked after. After investing £4million in Children’s Services, this is another example of our commitment to all children and our progress towards creating a safer, more transparent care system.”

Amy, a child who is looked after in our borough, said the following:

“I think the wording and design of the new pledge is a lot better. I feel that what we have said has really been taken on board to make the pledge more appropriate for young people.”

To find out more about Dudley Council’s Children’s and Family Care visit  http://www.dudley.gov.uk/resident/care-health/children-and-family-care/

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