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28 - Please don’t feed the pigeons

Pigeons signage

Pigeons pose a nuisance, damage historical landmarks and buildings and spread disease, and Dudley Council is making a stand to reduce the problem in Dudley market place.

Following thousands pounds being spent on improving Dudley market place, two signs asking visitors not to feed the pigeons are being installed. 

Councillor Ian Kettle, cabinet member for regeneration and enterprise, said:

We are installing two signs in Dudley’s market place as we are worried about damage to our historic landmarks, heritage buildings, nuisance to shoppers and businesses, together with the risk to public health – all caused by pigeons in the area.

“We understand people like to feed wild birds, but they probably don’t understand the problems we, as an authority, are faced with.  All we are asking visitors to Dudley town centre, together with other key areas, to do is not to feed the pigeons.”

People should also understand that by dropping food to feed the pigeons they could be liable to pay a fine for littering. 

By feeding pigeons, they are attracted to areas not natural to them, leading to nuisance behaviour and overcrowding.  They attract other vermin, carry and spread diseases which can be transmitted to humans and cause mess and destruction.

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