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Council ICT system disruption for testing

An essential test to the electrical fixed wiring within the ICT data centre will take place next month which will mean some disruption for people buying and reporting online.

By law, the council is required to ensure their building’s fixed electrical installations are in good order and safe.

On Sunday October 15, from 8am to 8pm, to meet statutory requirements a test will be undertaken in line with The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. It means that the council’s ICT data centre will be shutdown in order for cables, equipment and circuit breakers to be assessed.

Metal work will be checked to ensure it is earthed correctly and the system will be checked to ensure it continues to comply with the Regulations and Code of Practices.

During the 12 hour shutdown, the council’s website will be unavailable.  People will be unable to access information or carry out common online tasks such as buying tickets through the box office, making leisure centre bookings, library reservations or accessing planning applications.

The council’s internal systems will also be affected.

Councillor David Stanley, cabinet member responsible for IT, said:

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the hours of the shutdown.  I must stress this work is essential to ensure we continue to meet national standards.  We hope by giving people advanced warning they will be able to plan accordingly and access the council’s website and online services at an alternative time.

“Where access to online services is essential for staff, measures are being put in place to ensure they can still carry out their duties.”

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