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Plastics recycling

Councillor Hilary Bills, cabinet member for environmental services said:

“Dudley accepts all paper, cardboard, glass, tins and cans but only takes higher grade recyclable plastic such as milk, drink and toiletry bottles. A number of councils do co-mingle their recycling including all types of plastic in one container but this increases sorting costs and the likelihood of cross-contamination of recyclables which in turn reduces the value of these items.

“By collecting higher grade plastics, Dudley Council is able to get more income from its recycling, which in turn reduces the cost of collection to the council tax payer.   The lower grade plastics used to make yogurt pots, food trays, ice cream tubs etc tend to be made of a lower grade of plastic that are difficult to recycle and frequently of negligible recycling value, with some items even ending up in landfill if recycling facilities don’t exist. Dudley Council has chosen to recycle higher quality items in order to offset as much of the cost as possible to the tax payer, while using all non-recyclable or low grade recyclable items to generate power, rather than paying for landfill, again, passing this saving onto the council tax payer.”