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Online Forms in Dudley

Please select the form you are interested in from the A to Z, or alternatively use the Keyword Search.

Most of our forms communicate directly with us, but some produce a PDF to be printed and returned - these are marked with a *
Please note these PDFs:

  • will not load if you are using a pop-up blocker - you may need to allow pop-ups for dudley.firmstep.com or for online.dudley.gov.uk
  • are designed for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or later

Some forms accept online payments: this facility is not available from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Form Link
Wheelie Bin Service
Welfare Rights Training Booking
Welfare Rights Enquiry
Weighbridge Operator Licence
Wedding Photographs at Himley Hall
Vehicle Respray Permit
Vehicle Crossing/Dropped Kerb Request Form
Vehicle Air Pollution Report Form
Van and trailer permit
Tree Preservation
Tree Enquiries
Trading Standards: Advice and Complaints
Trading Standards Satisfaction Survey
Town Entertainment Squares - Booking Form
Time for Twos
Thinking of Renting out your Property?
Thinking of Renting a Property from a Private Landlord?
Text Messaging Opt Out (Housing Services)
Tender Request Form
Tenants Feedback for Improvement
Temporary Event Notice
Telecare Service Referral - How to Get the Service
Teaching Opportunities
Taxi Service Feedback
Tattooing, Acupuncture and Cosmetic Services
Sundry Debtors Invoices - Payment by Direct Debit
Sundry Debtors Invoices - Instalment Request
Sundry Debtors Invoices - General Queries or Enquiries
Sundry Debtors e-Billing Request
Sublet Property Application
Street Traders Consent
Street Party / Temporary Road Closure (National Event)
Street Maintenance Report Form
Street Lighting Report
Street Collection Permits
Street Cleansing Report Form
Statement of Accounts
Sports Grounds Stand Safety Certificate
Social Services General Response Form
Smoke Free Fine Payment
Smoke Free Advice / Complaint
Skip Permit *
Sheltered Housing Request
Sex Establishments Licence
Settlement Checking Service Appointment Request
Selection as an LEA Governor
Scrap Metal Dealers Licence
School Crossing Patrol - Request an Additional Crossing
School Admissions - Primary and Secondary
Scaffolding/Hoarding Permission