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Online Forms in Dudley

Please select the form you are interested in from the A to Z, or alternatively use the Keyword Search.

Most of our forms communicate directly with us, but some produce a PDF to be printed and returned - these are marked with a *
Please note these PDFs:

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  • are designed for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or later

Some forms accept online payments: this facility is not available from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Form Link
Abandoned Vehicle Report Form
Accommodation Certificate or Inspection of a Property for Immigration Purposes
Admissions - Primary and Secondary Schools
Adult Safeguarding Alert / Concern Form
Air Pollution
Alcohol Licensing (Licensing Act 2003)
Allotment Application
Amendments to Housing Application
Animal Licence / Welfare Queries
Antisocial Behaviour - Community Trigger
Application for a Birth Certificate
Application for a Death Certificate
Application for a Garage
Application for a Joint Tenancy
Application for a Marriage Certificate
Application for Blue Badge
Application for Home Contents Insurance
Application For Housing
Application for Housing and Council Tax Benefits
Application for Permission to Place a Skip on the Highway *
Application to be Registered as an Elector
Application to Sublet
Application to Trade on Dudley Market
Application to Vote By Post
Application to Vote By Proxy
Approval of a Food Business Establishment
Archives - Deposit Records
Archives - Request Documents in Advance
Archives - Withdrawal of Records
Arrange for Creditor Payments to be paid by BACS
Arrange for Purchase Orders to be Sent Electronically
Arrange for Remittance Advice to be Sent Electronically
Asbestos Queries
Assisted Collections - Garden Waste Collection
Assisted Collections - Domestic Waste Collection
Assisted Collections - Rubbish Collection
Bereavements - Bronze Memorial Wall Plaque - Gornal
Bereavements - Granite Wall Plaque - Gornal
Bereavements - Lease of a Family Columbarium Niche - Gornal
Bereavements - Memorial Standard Rose Bush - Gornal
Bereavements - Memorial Standard Rose Tree - Gornal
Bereavements - Memorial Tree - Gornal
Bereavements - Memorial Tree - Stourbridge
Bereavements - Memorial Wall Plaque - Stourbridge
Bereavements - Particulars for Inscription in Book of Remembrance (Gornal)
Bereavements - Particulars for Inscription in Book of Remembrance (Stourbridge)
Bereavements - Plaque on a Memorial Seat - Gornal
Bereavements - Plaque on a Memorial Seat - Stourbridge
Biomass Boiler Enquiry
Birth Certificate - Copy