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Online Forms in Dudley

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Most of our forms communicate directly with us, but some produce a PDF to be printed and returned - these are marked with a *
Please note these PDFs:

  • are designed for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or later

Some forms accept online payments: this facility is available 24/7.

Black History Month
Black Sack Supply
Blind or Disabled Bus Pass Application
Blue Badge Application
Building Control - Request a Site Inspection
Building Notice
Business First Contact Us
Business Rates - Call Back Service
Business Rates - Check your Payments and Balance Online
Business Rates - Direct Debit Request
Business Rates - General Information or Queries.
Business Rates - Incoming & Outgoing Occupiers
Business Rates - Rate Relief for Charitable and Other Organisations
Business Rates - Replacement Bill
Business Rates - Request to Pay in 12 Monthly Instalments
Business Rates - Small Business Rate Relief
Cancellation of Housing Application
Car Boot Sale / Temporary Market Application
Car Parking Season Ticket Application
Caravan Site Licence
Ceremony Choices and Extras – Approved Premises
Ceremony Choices and Extras – Castle Suite
Ceremony Choices and Extras – Priory Suite
Ceremony Choices and Extras – Register Office
Ceremony Choices and Extras – Wollescote Suite
Change in Circumstances
Change of name (deed poll application) Adult
Change of name (deed poll application) Minor
Chaperone Registration
Child Employment Registration
Child Performance Licence
Childcare Training Booking
Childminding pre-registration training - Enquiry
Childminding pre-registration training - Booking
Children Missing Education
Children's Activity Party Enquiry - Crystal Leisure Centre
Children's Activity Party Enquiry - Dudley Leisure Centre
Children's Activity Party Enquiry - Halesowen Leisure Centre
Children's Activity Party Enquiry - Red House Glass Cone
Chimney Height Approval For Furnaces
Club Premises Certificate
Commercial Waste
Contact Land Charges
Contact Land Ownership
Contact the Corporate Fraud Team
Contact the Register Office
Contaminated Land Queries
Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers - Notification
Copy Certificate Priority - Birth Death Marriage Civil
Copy Certificate Same Day - Birth Death Marriage Civil