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Online Forms in Dudley

Please select the form you are interested in from the A to Z, or alternatively use the Keyword Search.

Most of our forms communicate directly with us, but some produce a PDF to be printed and returned - these are marked with a *
Please note these PDFs:

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  • are designed for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or later

Some forms accept online payments: this facility is not available from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Learning and Development Enquiry
Learning Support Service: Course Booking
Learning Support Service: Register of Interest for Training
Libraries Feedback Form
Licence Application - Animal Boarding
Licence Application - Breeding Establishment (Dog)
Licence Application - Club Certificate of Suitability
Licence Application - Dangerous Wild Animals
Licence Application - Hackney Carriage Drivers
Licence Application - Hackney Carriage Vehicle
Licence Application - Hairdressing & Barber Shop
Licence Application - House to House Collection Permit
Licence Application - Lotteries and Amusements
Licence Application - Operate a Riding Establishment
Licence Application - Performing Animals
Licence Application - Pet Shop
Licence Application - Private Hire Drivers
Licence Application - Private Hire Operators
Licence Application - Private Hire Vehicle
Licence Application - Registration of Food Premises
Licence Application - Scrap Metal Dealers
Licence Application - Sex Establishment
Licence Application - Street Collection Permit
Licence Application - Street Traders Consent
Licence Application - Use of Machines For Gaming By Way of Amusement With Prizes *
Licence Application - Zoo
Lifestyle Gym Membership - Direct Debit Cancellation
Litter Fines
Local Land Charges Survey
Lotteries & Amusements - Registration
Make a General Enquiry about Housing and Council Tax Benefits
Make a General Enquiry or Query of Sundry Debtors and Invoices
Market Stalls to Rent
Minor Variation to Club Premises Licence
Minor Variation to Premises Licence
Missed bins (Black)
Missed bins (Green Waste)
Mortgage Reference Application
Nationality Checking Service Appointment Request
Night Fishing Waiting List - Himley Hall
Noise Complaint
Notice Claiming the Right to Buy
Nuisance Issues
Objection to an Application for a Premises or Club Licence
Objection to Variation to Premises Licence
Online Food Complaint
Online Learning Registration - Safeguarding Children
Options Leisure Card Application
Ownership Certificate
Parking Fine Appeal