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Help & Advice

Many common questions asked about our online forms are answered here,
but please contact us if you wish to report a technical problem

Hints & Tips

  • Have all your information ready before you begin:

    • Most of our forms require your postcode, and if you are a council resident this can be used to enter your address details.

    • When making a job application you need (at least) your postcode, National Insurance number, qualification details, past and present employment details, and referee information.

  • If you use the keyboard to move between fields on a page, use Tab, not the Space bar.

  • If a field is marked please enter the information required - do not enter a space or N/A, as this information is essential to the related service.

  • To move back or forward or back through the pages of a form, use the Next or Previous buttons near the page bottom.
  • Alternatively, to return to completed sections, use the section list at the left.
  • Open the form in a new tab or window.
    Our forms often open in a new window, but if the form instead replaces the previous page, hitting the Back button (usually an arrow) or the back button on a phone or tablet, will return you to that page.


  • Some forms accept an online payment.

  • This facility is not available from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm, Monday to Saturday.

  • If you attempt to pay online during these times your payment will fail.

  • Payments are handled by a standard payment form, so some information, such as your name and address, may need to be entered again.

  • PayPal is not available.

Adobe PDF Download

  • Some of our forms require a signature. 
    To help you, these forms put your details into a PDF which you can print, sign, and return by hand or by post.

  • If your document does not open you will find a link to it on screen after you submit the form.