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Form Improvements

You have completed our online survey or emailed us about your form problems and asked for changes.  We have acted on these requests to improve your communication with us.


You Asked For…

What We Did...

When We did it...

Better display of forms on smartphones and tablets Made forms responsive for small screens October 2015
A way to add extra information to the report of a Street Cleansing problem. Added a text area where you can describe the problem in more detail. October 2014
The facility to make the term time working pattern the same as the holiday working pattern for the Child Employment form. Added a question asking if the term time and holiday working patterns are the same. March 2014
The option not to complete the Equality Monitoring page on the Customer Feedback form. Removed the page in the form asking for this information. September 2013
Post code lookup for address within the Street Maintenance form. Applied the post code lookup to the following forms - Grounds Maintenance, Street Cleansing, Street Lighting and Street Maintenance. September 2013
An improved layout on mobile devices and tablets. Made form layout cleaner and fluid - most forms display correctly on upright smartphone screens. Also, removed right margin on iPad displays. September 2013
Upload of evidence for the Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit Fraud form. Added 3 uploads to the form. June 2013
Larger uploads on the Penalty Charge Notice Challenge Form. Increased total upload limit to 10MB across the three uploads. November 2012
A clearer labelling of the link to the job application form for returning users who have begun an application. Link renamed from Apply online to Apply online or continue an application. October 2012

More space on the PCN Challenge form to explain your case.

More uploads.

Increased the available space to 3,000 characters.

The maximum number of document uploads remains at 3 but the upload button has been made clearer.

December 2011
Extra space to explain your case on the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) Challenge form and for the form to clearly state what will happen to your PCN during the challenge period.

The challenge reason has been doubled from 1,000 to 2,000 characters.

The opening explanation of the form has been emboldened to highlight what will happen to your PCN.

November 2011
The opportunity to enter more instances of previous employments within the new job application form. Removed the limit on the number of previous employments that could be specified. August 2011
To apply on behalf of someone else within the Assisted Collections form. Included an extra section to capture the form filler's name and address as well as the affected person's name and address. June 2011
The Street Cleansing form to accept reports of broken glass. Exactly that. May 2011
The Street Lighting form to accept faulty red traffic light reports. Exactly that. May 2011

Dudley MBC to save your job application details for use with another job application.

Our new online application allows you to register and save your details with us. It will gradually replace the old form from early 2011. 

When you begin any application, your previously saved details will be used as a starting point.

November 2010

A 'save and continue' function within the job application form.

Our new online application will gradually replace the old form from early 2011. 

You will be able to 'save' your application at any time without leaving the form.

November 2010

Ability to jump to any page of the job application form.

Our new online application will gradually replace the old form from early 2011. 

A navigation panel will allow you to jump to any section, make and save changes as needed, but will only allow you to submit your application once it is complete.

November 2010

Job application system to allow reset of password and notification of application reference.

Our new online application will gradually replace the old form from early 2011. 

If you have registered your email address with us, you may reset your password, or retrieve your user id, if either is forgotten.

November 2010

Job application not to do strange things with text entered, such as converting quotes and other special characters to question marks.

Our new online application will gradually replace the old form from early 2011.

 Friendly to most symbols and special characters, once submitted, your application will be seen by recruiters just as it is by you on the form 'Review' page.

November 2010
Removal of the timeout on longer or more involved forms, especially where considerable effort is spent entering details. The new keep-alive function ensures that a form will never timeout (if Javascript is enabled). At this date, more than 50% of transactions are dealt with by this new design, including the general response form used throughout the site. September 2010
A renewal facility to be added to the Memorial Rose Bush application form. We combined all the bereavement memorial forms into one form that allows you to apply for, renew, replace or add to any memorial for Gornal Wood or Stourbridge crematorium/cemetery. July 2010
The correct contact phone number to be shown on the Street Maintenance form. Updated this form and others to show the new contact number. July 2010
The ability to apply for more than one type of certificate within the Birth, Death and Marriage copy certificates form.  This would mean completing the online form once and not several times for each type of certificate required. You can now apply for a birth and/or death and/or marriage certificate for one or more people within the same form. July 2010
The Pest Control form to allow reporting of multiple pest problems. Exactly that. March 2010
Allow entry of postcode with or without a space, and simplify entry of telephone numbers. Our new forms allow postcode to be entered with or without a space, and telephone numbers are entered into a single field, again with or without a space. December 2009 onwards
Various improvements to the appearance, navigation and ease of use of our forms. We are gradually updating our forms to improve their appearance and enhance their functionality. December 2009 onwards
Include both date moved-out and date moved-in on the change of address form. Just that. September 2009
Save & Return facility for teaching application.  Introduced Save & Return facility, together with Preview, and a timeout alert. August 2009
The Job application form to allow your personal experiences to be entered as a single block of text. Just that.

May 2009

A complete view of the Job application form showing all the information required and how your details will appear when submitted. Provided a Preview button on each page of the form.

May 2009

The Job application form Save & Return to always save all your details. Introduced an alert to suggest you use the feature only on the last page you edited, saving all the preceding pages in the form.


Note: a message is displayed instead if Javascript is not enabled.

May 2009

An alert when a 45 minute page timeout is reached in the Job application form.

Introduced an alert which appears when you have been on one page for 40 minutes.  When acknowledged, this refreshes the page.

 (Javascript required)

May 2009

An explanation of What Happens Next when completing the Blue Badge application form.

An extra page was been added to explain what happens after you have emailed your application to us.

January 2009

An improved Save & Return feature in the Job application form.

When you hit the Save button you are reminded of the guidelines for using this facility.  Once you have read the instructions you click OK to proceed to the next step.

January 2009

The removal of the RESET button.

We removed it from all our online forms.

No longer can you inadvertently click on this button and see all your information disappear.

November 2008

Help on completing online forms.

Help and Advice pages have been written which appear when you click on the Help & Advice link located at the top right of every page of every online form.  These pages cover help with PDFs, save & return, formats for entering information (dates, post codes and phone numbers), time out periods, etc.

October 2008

How do I know whether clicking on the Email Confirmation button has done anything.

A dialogue box now appears when you click on the Email Confirmation button.  You just need to acknowledge it.


Extra space to enter a reference number for Birth, Death & Marriage Copy Certificates.

We increased the size of the field.

July 2007

Space to supply a reference number when applying for a Birth, Death or Marriage Copy Certificate.

We added a text box to optionally ask for the reference number of the certificate required.

December 2006

More space in text areas.

We increased the size of all the text areas to 1,000 characters (approximately ¼ side of A4) for the following forms:

  • Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers

  • Gritting and Snow Clearance

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Gymnastic Coaching Application

  • Pedestrian Crossing Request

  • Pest Control Request

  • Street Maintenance Report

  • Trading Standards Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Vehicle Air Pollution Report

December 2006

Space to enter a reason why you wanted a Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit Claim Form.

We added an extra page.

November 2006

Various amendments to improve the Tender Request application.


  • increased the size of all address fields

  • deleted spurious questions

  • improved the text on pages to explain how tenders would be sent out.

November 2006

More space to explain your enquiry concerning council tax.

We doubled the size of the text area.

November 2006

More space to explain why you were/were not entitled to a council tax discount or exemption.

We doubled the size of the text area.

November 2006

More space in text areas.

We increased the size of all the text areas to 1,000 characters (approximately ¼ side of A4) for the following forms:

  • Household Waste Collection

  • Street Cleansing Report

  • Street Lighting Report

  • Kerbside Recycling

October 2006