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Online Services

The Council has implemented a number of services that transform the way you can interact with us.  No longer are the days of contacting us during office hours a necessity, the services on this page will allow you to undertake self service and to get answers to questions at a time and place convenient to you.

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Online Forms

We now have a large selection of forms you can complete online for a majority of our popular services. You can browse these forms and search them in our online A-Z of forms.

Some forms can accept online payments; however this facility is not available from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm, Monday to Friday.

[online forms]

Report a suspected benefit fraud

Do you suspect someone who is claiming benefits fraudulently?

If so please let the Council know by reporting this online.

[report a suspected benefit fraud]

[more on reporting suspected fraud]

Report a council house repair

You can report a council house repair online through the council's system: interfinder.

[Report a council house repair]

Street related issues

You can report the following street scene issues via online forms for:

[more street cleansing issues form]

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