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Children with Disabilities Services

Children with disabilities services support children and young people from birth to 18 years and their families/carers, where the child has a severe physical, sensory, learning disability or a long term complex health condition which seriously affects their daily living.

Services will normally be commissioned directly by Dudley Children’s Services, although there are some services which are jointly commissioned by Dudley Children's Services and Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Following an assessment services available may include:

  • short breaks both in and away from home; these could be in the form of a few hours; all day or in some cases overnight.

  • direct payments which are payments to purchase short breaks and sometimes other services to enable choice and flexibility.

  • physical and practical support within the home

  • direct work children who have been assessed as having complex significant needs.

  • specialist support services via the Children's Disability Team

  • advice, assessments and support.
  • special assessments on behavioural interventions and sleep management

  • advice and support in relation to learning disabilities and health need


Referrals for services should be made via the Children with disabilities team, please see contact details

The Children with disabilities services also maintains the Children's Disability Network an interagency database of children and young people with additional support needs or complex health conditions living in the borough of Dudley.

Children's Disability Team

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Dudley Short Breaks Programme

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Shared Lives

The Shared Lives scheme  offers an option for young people with care or support needs to  remain with their foster carers. The carers can transfer to the Shared Lives scheme and continue to care for the young person on a long term basis. This works very well for all concerned and offers a stress free and seamless transition.

Direct Payments

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The Children's Disability Network

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What's On

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