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Direct Payments

If you have been assessed by adult social care as eligible for social care support and are receiving a personal budget, you can choose to take this as direct payments. This means that the council will give you the money to purchase your own care and support (this is not a 'benefit' and can only be used to buy the care and support services that you need). Direct payments provide choice, flexibility and control over your care and allows you to live a more independent life. You can discuss direct payments with your social worker, or the direct payments co-ordinator on 01384 814979.

There is another Direct Payment. This is to do with benefits. Instead of using an order book to get benefits they get paid straight into a bank account or post office account. The information here is not about the kind of Direct Payments to do with benefits.



We have a range of leaflets which explain how direct payments work. These are available on request, or can be downloaded below:


Lots of information for people taking direct payments, about employing care and support staff, or about using the services of a care agency is available on the Dudley Community Information Directory. The directory also lists a personal assistant directory, as well as a list of support providers who work to support people taking direct payments with the responsibilities that come along with it.

There is support available across the Dudley borough from the following support providers, to people receiving direct payments:

Ideal for All - www.idealforall.co.uk
Action for Employment - A4E
Local Support Team
Peer support from other disabled people is available from Disability in Action 01384 814434

Direct payments - events, courses and information

Skills for Care - Events for Individual Employers, Personal Assistants and Support Organisations

Skills for Care are running 2 events in the Midlands area aimed at individual employers, direct payment support organisations, user led organisations, advocacy

They can help to support individual employers and personal assistants, as well as outlining some of the major changes to the sector due to come into effect in 2015. It will also be a great opportunity to catch up with existing contacts or make new ones to highlight and share good practice in the region. See the event flyer for further information.

Important news for all individual employers and their PAs

New level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care now available - see flyer below with contact details for further information.

Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care [pdf / 56KB]