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Adult social care information - getting it right

We know that understanding social care and its processes can be very confusing, particularly if you are at a stressful point in your life.

We also know that giving people high quality, easily accessible information, helps individuals to make the choices that are right for them and is fundamental to everything we do.

We welcome feedback from people on our leaflets and public information. To get involved contact Shelley Brooks.


Report It

Report it

Safeguarding is about protecting children, young people and adults at risk from abuse or neglect. Abuse is not normal and never ok. Being abused means a person is being deliberately hurt by someone else. If you are concerned about a child, young person or adult report it to Dudley Safeguarding.

:: report it




Healthwatch England makes sure that the overall views and experiences of people who use health and social care services are heard and taken seriously at a local and national level. Healthwatch England leads and supports the Healthwatch network, made up of 152 community-focused local Healthwatch.

:: find out more about healthwatch


Involving carers

Involving carers

The Dudley Carers Network produces a regular e-bulletin for carers which details any opportunities for being involved. You can read the bulletins on the website or have them sent directly to your mailbox. You might like to join the new Dudley Carers Network Facebook page which has been set up to allow discussions between carers and adult social services.

:: find out more about involving carers


Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering opportunities

You may prefer to become involved in other ways than consultation and engagement. Many of the groups offering general support always need volunteers for a range of activities. The Dudley Community Information Directory may offer other opportunities or you could contact the Volunteer Centre.

:: find out more about volunteering opportunities


Making it Real

Making it Real

Making it real has implications for all aspects of adults social care services and wider community approaches. A commitment to making it real is associated with the development of real action plans to demonstrate to people who use services and carers that social care is becoming person centred.

:: find out more about making it real


Complaints and compliments

Complaints and compliments

We want to hear from you if you have a Complaint, Comment or Compliment about Social Care services. There are two separate Complaints Procedures for Social Care Services. There is an Adults Social Care Complaints Procedure and a Children Social Care Complaints Procedure. Although the procedures are different, the Quality and Complaints team deals with both.

:: find out more about complaints and compliments


Learning Disability Partnership Board

Learning Disability Partnership Board

At the Partnership Board meetings we think and talk about the needs of people in Dudley who have a learning disability and then discuss and plan ways Dudley Council and their partners work towards a better future for people with learning disabilities in the Dudley borough.

:: find out more about the learning disability partnership board


Take Control and Get Involved

Take control and get involved

We need your views. You are well placed, given your experiences with health and social care services, to help us to shape how services are provided in the future and we would like to invite you to join our 'Take Control - Get Involved' initiative by being part of a very important and exciting engagement register.

:: find out more about take control and get involved

Dudley Community Information Directory
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