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Social care public information leaflets

Dudley borough is a large and diverse area with a multi-cultural population. The directorate aims to ensure that information on its services is communicated in the most appropriate way to those people within the borough who, because of their ethnic background or visual or hearing impairment, require information in a different language or format.

For further information see links below or contact 01384 815822. 

The council’s Equality and Communication Services also provides an interpretation service. They can be contacted on (01384) 813400 or 813401.

All English language leaflets are listed below.

If you would like any of this information in audio format, large print, Braille or translation into your own community language please phone the equality and diversity unit on 01384 813400

Care and Support - Key general information leaflets:

 Specialist areas of support available to you

  • Autistic Spectrum Conditions [pdf / 1007KB] Published November 2013 - Information, services and opportunities for adults and families affected by autism living in Dudley.

  • Blue Badge Scheme [pdf / 255KB] Updated March 2014 - Information and advice on how to obtain a disabled persons car park badge.

  • Brain Injury [pdf / 234KB] Published December 2012 - Information about services from Dudley Brain Injury Service for people who have a brain injury, their family and carers.

  • CTLD special needs register [pdf / 153KB] Published October 2011 - The special needs register for adults with learning disabilities provides important information about the needs of people with Learning Disabilities in Dudley.

  • Deaf Support Service [pdf / 191KB] Published October 2010 - The Deaf Support Service aims to enable hard of hearing, deaf and deafblind people to lead independent and fulfilled lives.

  • Dementia and memory loss [pdf / 613KB] Published January 2012 - This booklet explains the signs and symptoms of dementia, and the range of services offered to those suffering from the condition by our dementia gateways.

  • Direct Payments - to meet your social care needs [pdf / 1MB] Updated November 2016 - Direct payments are made to people for them to use to meet their social care support needs. They give more choice and control over how support is provided and can give you, your family and carers more flexibility and independence.

  • Direct Payments - employing staff [pdf / 2MB] Updated November 2016 - If you choose to directly employ your own personal assistant you will have a number of responsibilities as an employer and need to make sure that you are a good, competent employer.

  • Direct Payments - using a care agency / other services [pdf / 2MB] Updated November 2016 - You may use your direct payments to have your care support provided through a care agency or other care provider. The agency is responsible for managing the staff and will pay their wages.

  • Dudley Assisted Living Centre [pdf / 169KB] Published September 2011 - The Dudley Assisted Living Centre is an important resource for all disabled people and their carers living in Dudley. It has a range of equipment to assist daily living.

  • Dudley Falls Service [pdf / 3MB] Published November 2015 - This booklet explains the help that is available to older people (aged 65 and over) from our falls service.

  • Dudley Telecare Service - an information guide [pdf / 2MB] Published April 2016 - The Dudley Telecare Service is a fully integrated alarm service, offering a whole range of supportive Telecare solutions. Our aim is to enable people to continue living safely, securely and most importantly independently.

  • Dudley Telecare Service - a summary [pdf / 386KB] Published April 2016 - A summary guide to the Dudley Telecare service for residents.

  • Dudley Telecare Service - a carer's guide [pdf / 311KB] Published March 2013 - Dudley Telecare Service provides a range of telecare alarm solutions, which can really help to provide some independence to those being cared for, as well as giving carers some relief and a real peace of mind.

  • Dudley Telecare Service - a carer's guide - large print [pdf / 39KB] Published March 2014 - Dudley Telecare Service provides a range of telecare alarm solutions, which can really help to provide some independence to those being cared for, as well as giving carers some relief and a real peace of mind. (For best results print on yellow paper)

  • Enabling community support [pdf / 566KB] Published March 2015 - This booklet outlines the help and support that is available from Dudley Council's 'enabling community support' service for older people aged 60 plus.
  • How to access your personal information [pdf / 121KB] Published November 2010 - Dudley's Social Care Services provide a wide range of services to the public. In order to provide these services it is necessary to collect information about you and to keep detailed records.

Care and Support - Having your say

Care and Support - Where can I live

  • Choosing a care home [pdf / 630KB] Published May 2012 - This booklet offers guidance and tips as to what to look out for when choosing a residential or nursing care home for yourself, or when helping to choose a home for a family member or friend.

  • Home Improvement Service - a guide [pdf / 657KB] Published January 2011 - We help homeowners and private rental tenants throughout Dudley Borough, to repair, maintain or adapt their homes, enabling them to continue living independently in warm, safe, secure, well maintained homes.

  • Home Improvement Service - a guide to adapting your home [pdf / 1.17MB] Published December 2011 - The Dudley home improvement service offers practical support and assistance to homeowners and private rental tenants who wish to adapt their homes, to meet their needs.

  • Sheltered Housing - an information guide [pdf / 3MB] Updated July 2016 - Our aim is to help people live fulfilled independent lives within a safe, secure, homely environment with the support of a supported living co-ordinator

Care and Support - Keeping safe