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Assisted Living Centre

Dudley Assisted Living Centre

Dudley Council has two assisted living centres, one located in Quarry Bank and one in Coseley. The centres are specialist places where you can find out about equipment, adaptations and telecare, which can help you with everyday tasks, such as walking, getting upstairs, getting on and off chairs, into bed, bathing and using the toilet. The support provided will help you to continue to live independently in your home.

What is an assisted living centre?

An assisted living centre is a one-stop-shop for advice and information for people who may need equipment and support at home to be able to maintain their independence. Our two assisted living centres are designed to replicate the typical home, with rooms set up as a kitchen, bathroom, living room and stairs. Each of these areas has a range of helpful equipment and aids that people can try out. This includes mobility equipment to help with getting around. The equipment is designed to help with everyday tasks, supporting people to remain is independent as possible.

Assisted Living Centre - Bedroom


A range of equipment to help with getting in and out of bed can be tried out:

Bed lever – to help get you into a sitting position

Leg lifter – to help you lift your legs into bed

Commodes are also available for use as a portable toilet.





Assisted Living Centre - Bathroom


Often bathing is the first problem that people can encounter. Bathing equipment is available for you to try out, as well as toilet and shower equipment. Bathing equipment for demonstration includes:

Swivel bather – used in the bath, under your own over bath shower

Bath board and seat – allowing you to bathe safely

Raised toilet – giving a higher sitting position

Toilet frame – giving extra support



Assisted Living Centre - Stairs


Stair lift – great for getting upstairs easily: Play Demo

Vertical through floor lift – where a stair lift isn’t feasible

Grab rails and stair rails


A wide range of smaller items to help with eating, cooking and working in the kitchen can be tried out. For example:

Kitchen tipper – to pour hot water safely

Perching stool – to help with prolonged standing in the kitchen

Trolley – to carry meals and drinks around the home

Who can use the centres?

Any adult aged over eighteen, who lives in Dudley Borough and is having trouble with everyday tasks because of frailty or a disability, can visit the centres for support and advice. You can make an appointment for an assessment at the centre most local to you, no referral is needed.

What could I get help with?

The difficulties that people experience managing at home are individual to each person, common problems include:

  • Getting in and out of a chair

  • Walking

  • Completing tasks in the kitchen

  • Getting into a bath or shower

  • Getting on or off a toilet

  • Getting in or out of bed

  • Going up or down stairs

There is lots of help on offer at the centres with these difficulties, as well as other issues and problems.

What kind of help and support is on offer?

There is a lot of advice on suitable aids, equipment and home adaptations, as well as a whole range of equipment to help you. This includes handy gadgets such as bottle openers, big button phones and easy grip cutlery, plus larger items like walking frames and specialist chairs. Home adaptations include stair lifts to try, as well as a home adaptations referral service.

All equipment is available for you to try out and staff will assess you to see if it is helpful to you. Some equipment can be taken away for you to use, on a long term loan basis (from the councils equipment loan service). Other equipment, which is not stocked, can be purchased from suppliers whose details will be provided.

What happens at an assessment?

When you arrive at a centre, you be introduced to the staff member who will be looking after you and doing your assessment. A full assessment normally takes around an hour and there is no charge for it.

You are welcome to bring someone with you to the appointment. The assessment is very informal and there is nothing to worry about. You will chat with the assessor who will ask you about your home and any difficulties you are having managing in the home. If the assessor feels that equipment may meet your assessed need, they will show you how it works and help you to try it out. Some equipment may be available for you to take away with you on the day, or we can arrange for it to be delivered. You will also be told about other helpful council services that could support you.

Where are the centres and how do I contact them?

To make an appointment for an assessment simply contact our access to adult social care team:

Tel – 0300 555 0055

The two centres are located at:

Coseley - Ebenezer Street, Coseley DY5 2XR
Quarry Bank - Cider Avenue, Quarry Bank DY5 2XR