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Dudley childminding network

Network childminders

What is the network?

Dudley childminding network is a group of registered childminders that have undergone an assessment to ensure that they are working towards quality assured standards. Our network is divided into townships, with an officer being responsible for developments within their assigned townships.

Benefits to childminders joining the network include:

  • receive up-to-date information/advice/training

  • promoted as a high quality option

  • being part of a network running to quality assured standards

  • opportunities to develop your career

  • one-to-one support from network co-ordinators

  • peer support from other childminders

  • access to the network toy and resource library

  • Nursery Education Funding - if accredited

  • trips and outings with other network childminders

  • newsletter

  • uniform

  • emergency cover for sickness and holidays from other network childminders

  • loan of specialised equipment when caring for children with additional needs

  • training to support inclusion and opportunities to gain further accreditation for inclusive services

  • support from the childminding development team

  • social events

  • an opportunity to work with the wider community , eg teen parents, social services, NHS, colleges

  • letters confirming your status as a quality assured network childminder for parents

  • promotional opportunities throughout the borough

Benefits to your parents and carers brought by childminders joining the network:

  • network childminders are the only childminders that can become accredited as early learning providers and offer Nursery Education Funded sessions

  • they are working to a national quality assurance scheme, delivering higher standards

  • they can offer high quality, flexible childcare and many are able to cater for shift patterns

  • as a member, your network childminder will receive regular visits and support from a network co-ordinator to ensure piece of mind for you and your family

  • your network childminder will work closely with you to ensure your child's individual needs are fully met

  • network childminders will undertake specialised training to meet your family's needs

  • they have a commitment to achieving at least a 'good' grade in Ofsted inspection reports

  • other network childminders will offer sickness/holiday cover for your childminder

  • network childminders have access to a network toy library and story sacks to provide a wider variety of high quality play and learning opportunities for your child

  • all network childminders have an on-going training and professional development commitment as part of their network agreement

  • network childminders have access to a resource library which includes professional publications to develop and support their on-going development  

How can you join it?

Contact a childminder quality support officer, who will arrange a visit to discuss how the network works, how it can benefit you and the commitment you will need to make as a childminder.

  • a childminder quality support officer will arrange a pre-assessment visit to fully explain the assessment process. The childminder quality support officer will arrange a convenient time to come and assess you over a period of weeks

  • the number of weeks varies depending on how much of the assessment form you cover on each visit; and your prior knowledge this can take several visits

  • when the assessment is completed you will be informed if you have been accepted onto the network. Don’t worry if you haven’t been accepted immediately, as we will work with you to ensure you are able to meet the standards required, and point you in the right direction in areas where you may require training and development

  • if further training and support is required an officer will arrange further support visits as necessary and then complete a further assessment in that area

  • the network meets on a regular basis to discuss developments and issues, and offer support within the group environment

  • the Dudley Childminding Network was assessed by NCMA in December 2008. The network was assessed for quality assurance standards and for accredited standards. The network was approved as an accredited network, which meant any accredited childminders belonging to the network could offer Nursery Education Grant places

  • any queries childminders may have the CQSO can discuss with NCMA, if appropriate.

  • for further information on the NCMA Children Come First Assured and Accredited networks, please follow this link: www.ncma.org.uk

For more information please contact our team using our online form or phone 01384 818126.