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Council Housing

Contact Details

We will use your contact details (mobile, landline and email address) to phone, email or text you about your Housing Service. We will protect your details and store the information in compliance with the Data Protection Act. However, your information may be shared with certain external agencies for the purpose of detecting and preventing fraud or criminal activity. 

To opt out of text messages, please complete the form by following the online link:

:: text messaging opt out 

Please complete the form below if you are a Dudley council tenant and wish to provide your contact details:

:: Updating contact details

Council garages and garage plots

The Council owns several plots for garages and areas to park your car on most estates. Garages and plots can be rented from us for a weekly payment. A garage plot is a piece of land that you can rent on which you can construct your own garage, subject to the usual regulations.

:: more on council garages and garage plots

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to improving the services we provide to our customers. We work hard to get things right, but we know there is often room for improvement. By asking customers what they think, we can identify where things could be better and take the necessary steps.

Please complete survey forms if you are sent them – or write in if you have ideas about how our services could be improved.

Use the below links to make a complaint or compliment or for more information on our performance: