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Mutual exchange

If you are a tenant with Dudley Council and you want to move from your existing property, one option is mutual exchange.

If you want to move and you want to remain in rented accommodation then our mutual exchange scheme offers the opportunity to swap with other tenants either in the Dudley borough or in other parts of the country.

Mutual exchange may also be a good option if you are on our transfer list waiting for a property to become vacant. The demand for council housing in the borough is much higher than vacant properties. Therefore, if you already have a property and want to move it may be quicker to do a mutual exchange.

Visit HomeSwapper or Let's Swap for more information.

Mutual exchange is subject to certain criteria - see conditions of mutual exchange.

See Council Tenancies for all other related information.

For more information contact Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345.