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Reporting Repairs

Sink repairs

It is the Council’s responsibility to maintain its property to a ‘decent’ standard.

However, some repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. These are detailed in the Repairs Handbook and Tenancy Conditions.

Dudley Council has a dedicated Repairs Management Centre which is staffed by operators who are well trained and committed to providing a quality service to all tenants. The centre boasts state of the art telephone technology and computer software, ensuring that your repair enquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively.

If, after your repairs have been carried out, you find excess waste left behind by Council employees, please phone us on 0300 555 8283 to report it.

Repairs information is also available in the Tenants' Handbook.

How to report a repair

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to improving the services we provide to our customers. We work hard to get things right, but we know there is often room for improvement. By asking customers what they think, we can identify where things could be better and take the necessary steps.

Please complete survey forms if you are sent them – or write in if you have ideas about how our services could be improved.

Use the below links to make a complaint or compliment or for more information on our performance: