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Your tenancy

Tenancy agreement

During your sign-up interview you will have signed your tenancy agreement. This is a formal, legal agreement between Dudley Council as your landlord and you as our tenant. You will have been given a copy of your tenancy agreement at your sign-up interview and it is important that you read this and keep it safe.

This tenancy agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities as a council tenant. As a tenant you have important responsibilities - you must be a good neighbour and not be a nuisance to the people around you. If you fail to abide by your tenancy conditions it could lead to you losing your home.

If there is anything you do not understand, or need further advice about, please do not hesitate to ask your housing manager. Call 0300 555 2345.

Introductory tenancies

As a new tenant you are given an introductory tenancy for the first 12 months. At the end of 12 months you will automatically become a secure tenant, unless you have failed to conduct your tenancy in a satisfactory manner.

:: Introductory Tenancy Conditions [pdf / 2.64MB]

Secure tenancies

Most tenancies are secure tenancies, which means you can remain in your property for as long as you wish, as long as it is your only or main home, and you abide by the tenancy conditions.

:: Conditions of tenancy for secure tenants [pdf / 4.51MB]

Joint tenancies

If you are a sole Dudley Council tenant you may want to convert your existing tenancy into a joint tenancy with another person.

All persons applying to become joint tenants must be eligible to hold a tenancy in their own right and in certain circumstances must have lived at the property for 12 months. Neither party must owe any debts to Dudley Housing Services

Where the property is designated for the elderly a joint tenancy will only be granted if both parties are eligible to be offered this type of accommodation. Please use the form below to apply.

:: Apply for joint tenancy

Change of tenancy

Applying to transfer to another property in the Dudley borough

A Council tenant whose home no longer meets their needs may apply for a transfer.

The application process is the same as applying for a tenancy for the first time and the same banding scheme is used to assess the priority for a move. For more information see applying for a council home.

Applications from existing tenants of Dudley Council who wish to move will only be considered following a visit from their Housing Manager to confirm that their home is in good order and all other tenancy conditions are being maintained.

There is no qualifying period before a tenant can apply for transfer. However, because of the high demand for Council properties, someone who has been a tenant for less than a year can only transfer if they are overcrowded or have medical needs or if the property they are asking for is not wanted by anyone else.

Some tenants are able to move without waiting for vacancies to occur by arranging to exchange tenancies with someone else.

:: Succession of tenancy [pdf / 580KB] - April 2013

Ending your tenancy and moving home

If you wish to leave your property you must give four weeks notice to Dudley Council. You will also need to arrange a pre-termination visit from your Housing Manager by telephoning Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345. See moving out of your council home for further information.

When a person has died their death needs to be registered with the council’s registration service. If they were a Dudley Council tenant you will also need to inform housing services by calling 0300 555 2345.

Find out more about tenants who have died leaving an empty council property

Whenever a council tenant leaves a council property it is important that the council is notified by calling 0300 555 2345. Only the named person or persons on the tenancy agreement can remain in the property.

Find out more about tenants who have moved into permanent residential or nursing home care leaving an empty council property

:: more on termination of tenancies

Housing fraud

Housing tenancy fraud is estimated to cost the UK £900m every year and nationally there are about 50,000 social rented homes that are being occupied or used fraudulently. This means that these homes are not available to those people who need them most.

:: more on housing fraud

Mutual exchange

If you are a tenant with Dudley Council and you want to move from your existing property, one option is mutual exchange.

If you want to move and you want to remain in rented accommodation then our mutual exchange scheme offers the opportunity to swap with other tenants either in the Dudley borough or in other parts of the country.

:: more on mutual exchange

Decorating your home

Internal decoration of Council properties is generally the responsibility of the tenant. The tenancy agreement places a duty on tenants to keep the decoration of their property in reasonable condition.

However there are a few occasions where assistance with internal decorating is available from the Council.

Social Decorations

We currently operate a limited social decorations programme where we provide assistance with internal decorations to tenants who are elderly or disabled. To be eligible for assistance tenants must be over 65 years of age and or disabled and have no other household member who is able to decorate for them. Eligible tenants can apply for up to 2 rooms to be decorated if they have not applied within the last 2 years.

Damaged Internal Decorations following Repair

In some circumstances you may be eligible for a decoration allowance where we have damaged your decorations in the course of repair work at your property. You will be advised by your Housing Manager if you are eligible for a decoration allowance after visiting your property to assess the damage. If you wish to make an appointment with your Housing Manager for this reason phone 0300 555 2345 or email the Housing call centre.

New Tenants

We may offer new tenants a decoration allowance at the start of a tenancy to contribute towards the decoration cost of the property. New tenants will be advised if there is a decoration allowance for the property at the time of being offered of the tenancy.

Running a business from your home

The council wants to encourage tenants with business ideas and has therefore drawn up guidelines for tenants who are thinking of running a business from their home.

The new guidelines will make it clearer to tenants what conditions they must satisfy in order to run a business from their council property. If a tenant meets the criteria of the new guidelines they should then notify their housing manager of their intention to run a business from home.

Examples of businesses being run from council properties in Dudley include home tutoring, a plastering business, an electrical design engineer and a web based IT business.

The guidelines

A tenant will be allowed to run a business from their home if they satisfy the following conditions:

(1) The business must not cause a nuisance or annoyance to others. Permission is not granted if the business activity will:

  • create unreasonable levels (and/or duration) of noise or vibration

  • result in excessive numbers of visitors to the property and/or visitors at unsociable hours, which may cause a nuisance

  • will or may cause harm to anyone

(2) The business must not be unlawful or illegal.

(3) Any alterations necessary to the property for the purpose of undertaking the business will require separate written permission from the Housing Manager

(4) The business must not cause damage and/or have a negative impact on the value of our property.

(5) The property must continue to be used as your only or main home.

(6) Advice must be sought on whether planning approval is required and if necessary permission obtained. Advice can be obtained from the planning helpdesk on 01384 814136 or from the planning web pages.

(7) The running of the business must not constitute a breach of any other tenancy conditions.

(8) We retain the right to withdraw permission at any time but will give reasonable notice of our intention to do so.

For more information contact your housing manager – for an appointment call 0300 555 2345.

Your housing manager

You have a dedicated housing manager who is responsible for providing you with any help or assistance you need during your tenancy. If you have any problems or need any help which we could not resolve at your initial point of contact with us, we will arrange for your housing manager to contact you. To contact your housing manager call 0300 555 2345.