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Council homes

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Applying for a council home

In Dudley, as in other parts of the country, there are more people looking for council housing than there are available properties. Council housing is not suitable for everyone and there are other affordable housing options available.

Buying your council home
Under the Right to Buy scheme you may be able to buy your home from Dudley Council.  The length of time that you have spent as a tenant also entitles you to a discount on the price that you buy the property from us at.

Finding a home
The service offers general advice on a wide range of options for renting and buying property. Staff can also refer customers to specialist services such as mediation, debt prevention and home improvements as well as adaptations that can support people to stay in their existing homes.

Help to downsize
Do you live in a house which is too large for you to maintain?  Have your children left the nest leaving you with space you no longer need?  Are you struggling with the stairs, or the garden, or the size of your bills?  Are you thinking about moving to a smaller property but are worried about the move itself?

Council garages and garage plots
The Council owns several plots for garages and areas to park your car on most estates. Garages and plots can be rented from us for a weekly payment. A garage plot is a piece of land that you can rent on which you can construct your own garage, subject to the usual regulations.

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New build council homes

By the end of 2016, Dudley will have completed 54 new homes in seven locations, in addition to the 99 new homes which were built on six sites across the borough in 2012. More new build council home sites will be coming along over the next four years.

Housing associations
Dudley Council works in partnership with a number of housing associations, also known as Registered Providers, to help meet housing needs and to build sustainable communities across the borough.

Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)
The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is the national social housing regulator and is responsible for maintaining the register of social housing providers and for setting out the regulatory framework within which they must operate.