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Council garages and garage plots

The Council owns several plots for garages and areas to park your car on most estates. Garages and plots can be rented from us for a weekly payment. A garage plot is a piece of land that you can rent on which you can construct your own garage, subject to the usual regulations. For further information on garages please use the form on this page, call us on 0300 555 2345, or visit your local housing contact point.

How to apply

You can apply for a garage by completing an application form. You can also apply by calling into one of our offices.

Car parking space (hard standing)

A car hard standing space is a designated parking space that allows you to park off-road within the boundary of your property. For the construction of a hard standing, you will need to seek permission and to meet the costs yourself. To apply to carry out this work to your property, you will need written consent from your local Housing Manager. You can make an appointment to meet with them by calling0300 555 2345. Approval must also be sought from the Directorate of the Urban Environment. Please email them to request the approval

Conditions for the construction of a hard standing space include:

  1. The hard standing should consist of a hardcore base and finished with either slabs, concrete, or tarmac.

  2. You must not drive across a grass verge to reach it.

  3. Any wall, fence, or hedge that is altered to allow access must be made good.

  4. You are responsible as the tenant for all costs and permissions.

  5. You are responsible for the maintenance of the hard standing for as long as you are using it and living at the property it relates to.

  6. The Council has the right to request that the hard standing be removed by you at your cost if it is not of sufficient quality or maintained to an acceptable standard.


There are a number of restrictions in place when parking on estates. These restrictions are contained in your tenancy conditions, and apply equally to tenants, visitors, friends and relatives, or anyone else living at your property, including:

  1. You must not park on a grass verge of other open space.

  2. You must not build a garage, hard standing, or drive without our permission.

  3. You must not park any vehicle which is illegal or unroadworthy on any Council land.

  4. You cannot park a motor home, caravan, boat or other vehicle that weighs over one ton at your property.